June 8, 2010

Trees of Glory

Karen has posted on her blog details on the new CarePoint through Children's Hopechest in Ethiopia. Please take a minute to read about these children and their dire situation. We can hardly imagine $34 making a difference. In my world, $34 is wasted on one meal out. I can pretend to understand that $34 can make the difference between living and surviving...but I don't really understand.

That got me thinking about what we do with thirty bucks in America. Most of the things that came to mind aren't worthwhile ventures. Things that seem so important at the time, but will be stuffed into the closet; forgotten until Easter Seals calls you for donations. We live in a crazy culture.

By sponsoring a child you are providing food, medical care, education, clothing, and hope to a child whose life we cannot begin to imagine.

Eli was outside barefoot all day yesterday. At the end of the afternoon I sat him on the edge of the tub with a nailbrush to clean his feet. As I scrubbed, he said, "Jirgna's feet are probably a lot dirtier than mine."

Everett popped his head in and added, "Except he's walking around on soil from volcanic ash."

My children have a friend on the other side of the world who doesn't live the way they do. We write to him, pray for him, and talk about him. Our family has been blessed by a young boy in Ethiopia.

Please consider taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. Email Karen for sponsorship information at kwinstrom@yahoo.com

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Karen said...

Apryl - I so appreciate your heart for these precious kids in Ethiopia! So far - we have 31 kids sponsored at Trees of Glory - 53 still need to be matched with a sponsor family. Thank you for all you do - with love, Karen Wistrom www.family-from-afar.blogspot.com