June 15, 2010

Sister-2, Brother-1

Who knew that losing teeth would be such a contest? With a mix of kids all squished in that 'losing teeth' phase it seems like someone is always requesting a tooth wiggle. Grosses me out to insanity. The tough part is that little sister is losing teeth faster than big brother. Excuses are made, wiggling techniques are perfected, but in the end those buggers come out when they are good and ready. Unfortunately, Everett and Eli have been blessed with late blooming.

We did the tooth thing two years ago with Everett and Ella. Ella lost her first tooth before Everett. That caused much angst. After that first one the competition seemed to cool. It helped that Ella's teeth always fell out in the oddest ways. She ate two of them (by accident), lost one in the pool while snorkeling, and lost another while sleeping. Everett was much more careful about yanking them out--as to avoid losing his enamel trophy.

Now we are going through the same thing with Elijah and Sally. He's about to even the score, but not fast enough for his tastes.

It's nasty, nasty, nasty if you ask me. But I still give them money and take their picture. Even when they are smeared with pizza or dripping blood. Yuck.


Becky said...

You are such a good mommy.

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