September 12, 2009

Should have brought my autograph book...

to the AWAA Africa reunion in Branson. I would liken it to (and forgive me if this is lame, I'm running on fumes) watching years of reality tv and then spending a weekend with the cast. Doubtful that Seth felt the same way I did. He's not given to dramatics. How do you meet people that you have shared years of your life with, but never chatted over a cup of coffee? It's "Give me a hug--so good to really meet you!" over and over again. Walking away and feeling like you met a long lost friend and movie star at the same time. Weird. And wonderful.

The weekend was a welcome respite from the trenches of moving. Since there are pictures from the weekend on all of the other blogs...Here are a few from the eyes of Everett (using his new birthday present--which his sister dropped from 5 feet up and broke, but he doesn't know that yet...)You may notice that the froggy ride was a hit with the big kids (this was only their second ride, by the end of the day they were doing "big stuff"). Josiah wanted to ride this thing, but wasn't pleased once the frog started jumping. In the photo above you can see him screaming and the attendant taking notice. Shortly after we were removed from the ride. Poor baby spent the rest of the day eating and riding the stroller.

Lots of pictures just like this--we stayed at the same hotel as the Steiger's, Laughner's, Schmidts, and Martin's. One night we took over their breakfast area and had dinner and ice cream. Our enormous clan got more than a few strange looks.

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E said...

I read all of these on reader, but had to come over and leave actual comments. Happy Birthday to Everett, by the way! Nine has to feel crazy (for you)!

I can imagine feeling just that way. We're really hoping to actually make it to the reunion next year. Too much scheduling chaos around here on top of the move. time.... Looks like everyone had such an awesome time though!