September 14, 2009

First Day of School

When I'm not blogging, I'm doing very important things. Like unpacking boxes and painting. Trying to find school books that I ordered and packed up. There are about 342 boxes in my basement labeled "homeschool". The other half are labeled "kid's books". Why wasn't I smart enough to label them more precisely? Oh, yeah, I was frantic.

Frantic has been my life for the past few weeks. I've put all other household needs on the back burner as I am scraping together gumption to finish our schoolroom and find our materials. It is nearly mid-September. I'm waiting for one of the neighbors to call the police, "The lady next door says she's homeschooling, but her kids are playing outside ALL DAY LONG. There are a lot of them, you'll probably need back-up."

It all came together today. I took it easy and we did some crafty things. Tomorrow, math books will be cracked and spelling placement tests will be taken. For today, drawing on the new chalk wall is very important. I was most thrilled to just sit and enjoy these five for the first time in what seems like weeks. Homeschooling--it forces you to sit still and spend time with your children. What a beautiful thing.


Mark and Wendy said...

Not to worry, Apryl! My oldest son is in second grade this year, and when he was in Kindergarten we moved twice and in 1st grade we moved once...let's just say that it's okay to be doing school very casually through the summer to play "catch-up!" (Though I am thrilled to not, knock on wood, be moving anywhere for 2nd grade)!

E said...

LOL! I did the same thing unpacking. I was like, "WHY-OH-WHY didn't I label better!" You know, things like, "This is the box you you don't have to unpack every last box to find what you want." Really, while I was packing I was so convinced that my fairly general (reasonably specific) labels would work. Next time I'll take way more time with the big, black marker...and school stuff for THIS YEAR will be clearly marked. I'll let you know if I actually do that when we start packing again in about 13 months. ;)

The kids look so cute there at the chalkboard!!!

Tara said...

Happy 1st day os school:)