June 4, 2009

The Move

Early Saturday morning Seth and I pulled away from our house. He was in a 26 foot truck and I was in The Van. Moby had been transformed--instead of transporting children it held my wrought iron patio furniture and a TV. I was kind of excited about the prospect of spending a few quiet hours driving to the storage unit. We got onto the highway and I started seeping from my eyes. I'm a brickhouse, honestly, I don't sob often. I guess I finally sat still enough to realize that we are really moving.

So, doomsday closing is next week. That means the kiddos and I have been living in an empty house since Saturday. It rained Monday and Tuesday. Today, Eli said, "All I can think about is the xbox. Please can we play video games?"

Um, no. I can't bear the thought of little minds melting while the sun is shining outside. The babe is asleep and it's the perfect time for me to scurry around getting the last bits into boxes. I shuttled everyone outside and found a forgotten bag of play sand in the shed. Beautiful! I raced inside and started on another box. Until everyone started complaining about needing some "guys" to play with in the sand.

Everything in the house is gone except the bare necessities. So, I grabbed four plastic spoons and drew faces on them with my black sharpie. Viola! Guys! That should have bought me at least 30 minutes, but the guys needed helmets and the guys that are girls needed curly princess hair. I added helmets and hair with my box-labeling sharpie and pressed on. As I walked through the house collecting odds and ends I noticed that my feet were getting very sandy. Upon inspection, there was sand EVERYWHERE. These little people were actually coming into the house to use the bathroom and tracking wet sand all over the place. I grabbed the broom and took to sweeping up the mess. Then, I heard Josiah yelling from upstairs and my 'getting stuff done' time had passed. I had packed three-fourths of a box. I had sand all over the floors. I was down four plastic spoons and saw the dog shredding the now empty play sand bag.

It would seem that I take half a step forward and five steps back.

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E said...

Said a prayer for your move. I totally broke down when we moved from Montana. Funny, that. I HATED it there for about 2 years...and then it became home...and then it HURT to leave. Anyway, I get the move thing. I'm no brick house (more like some sort of jello shaped bundt thingy flipped over)...but I think this is a particularly tough thing. For some reason the mommy aspect of it hit me really, really hard.

We're packing & painting (to bring it back to white) & preparing...looks like it's going to be Illinois...next month. Since we're going for a 2 week trip "home" to Arizona, we're trying to get ahead. I'd love a peaceful non-stressful move. Probably asking too much, but I refuse to leave it all to the last two weeks like we usually do.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion. Hopefully both of our families will be happily settled at that point!


P.S. You're a brave woman trying to pack on your own. Kevin and I can both be packing at the same time...but for some reason it never works if I'm the only grown up in the house. And maybe it's partially that I like to avoid packing alone...I think I need the moral support or something. I have no idea what I'm talking about...need sleep.