June 8, 2009

I'm So Clever

Without a doubt, the comment I get the most is, "You sure have your hands full!"

After hearing this for the fifteen millionth time, I got tired of answering with a lame, "Yes. I do."

Like, what else can I possibly say to that?
"Ya think?"
"Huh? I've only got five, you should see my sister she has 11."
"You talkin' to me? "
"Wha...don't tell me those stinkin' kids are following me again."
"Oh, no, they are all little blessings sent straight from heaven." That said while gritting my teeth and wrangling a screaming toddler from the overloaded cart at the grocery store. Honestly.

One day it just popped out. I must have had just enough sleep to be thinking coherently.

"Yes. I have exactly one handful."

Hardy, har, har. I explained it to the kids later and we all had a good chuckle. That has become my stock answer. My 'handful' and I are always eager to see the reaction I get with that response. We giggle about the quizzical looks that I get and it's turned an annoyance into a game. Instead of them being a 'hand full' and nuisance, we walk away from the exchange with smiles.


E said...

I've received that comment many times and I have two kids. I'm not sure what to make of it. Since when are two kids a handful? Maybe I look harried and overworked? But, I've received this comment several times when my kids & I are all on best behavior...so I'm still baffled. Once I even said, "Not really." I'm incapable of clever, cute or even flowery (full of blessings) comments...apparently. ;) Maybe I'll have to start saying I need three more for that to be even close to true.

BTW, you are so clever. :)

~Issy said...

I sometimes watch two wonderful children of a friend of mine and i usally plan an outing with my daughter. When i get that 'line', I just offer a huge smile and say "I am blessed with a HANDFUL of blessings, thank you!" :)

lol...and you are clever.

My first time visiting...love the way you write and i'll be back to visit.