September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Everett!

It's hard to believe, but Everett is eight. I'm a downright mean Mother/Teacher and made him have school on his birthday. I'm a wimp disguised as a meanie. I made him 'do' math (easy, peasy since it's the beginning of the year) and history (he begged to have history today). We went to a doctor's appointment then visited McD's for lunch (don't start...). On the positive side, since I'm always full to the top of mom guilt, we did take the fast food to the park. We went on a nature scavenger hunt afterwards and made our own kilts when we got home (I'll have to explain that one). I tried to pepper fun into the muck of daily life just for his special day.

So he's eight. I can't believe that I've got an eight-year-old. I remember eight. So he'll remember what happens now. How's that for keeping you honest? Yipes. I'm sorry to say that his birthday present from us was We (head shaking) have joined (sigh) the masses. Do we get credit because we bought it cheap on craig's list from a 16 year old who was upgrading? Still a time waster. Included with the gift is a growing list of rules that have yet to be disclosed (I'm not a total party pooper).
Everett's so happy. His Dad is so happy. So are the siblings. And, I guess...I can try to be happy, too. Or at least put up with it. I think they played with that instead of reading books tonight. Here comes our demise! Happy Birthday, Everett!

The hat is courtesy of Rara and Popop's cross country trip. Seems to scream Vegas to us, but we are unsure of it's origin. One thing is certain, it's a new birthday tradition. For the kids, that is.


Lauren said...

Happy birthday to you, Everett!

E said...

Oh, the mom guilt! I get it. I totally get it!

Happy Birthday to's hoping to see a picture of you in the birthday hat when yours comes around. :)


The Stackler Clan said...

I love your blog. It cracks me up about the x-box. I totally know what you are feeling, we goT a Wii for Christmas and last Sunday, for my son's b-day, he played for 5 hours. I can't believe I am posting this on the internet. He looked like a glazed doughnut when he was finished. For his birthday dinner, McD's. Labor day wasn't any better, I think that he logged in 4 hours of Wii time. Schools in now, so the Wii rules are back into play.

jill coen said...

Happy birthday Everett!! Mr. Marshall is excited about your XBox as well. I want to hear about the kilts....

the Steiger's said...

Happy Birthday Everett!!!
Do not feel bad. I gave up and we got the boys wii. I have to say we all have a fun time with it. I do get the guilt :) It is a mom thing.
love, Lenka

Team Dragovich said...

Happy Birthday Everett!! I am a mean mom, too. My kids think it is the greatest injustice of the world. Oh well. I feel your xbox pain!!! If it makes you feel better, my boys go in and out of wanting to play it obsessively now. Notice I said-- obsessively. They still love to play, but they are much more willing to pass it over for real live playing. There is hope :)

Look for your Spelling Power stuff this week. Please forgive me, I got sidetracked by Hanna.

I'm sorry Sally's cast is getting stinky. Ugh. Febreeze... yuck. This may not be any better, but what about vinegar water??? It tends to neutralize the pee smell. I use it on my boys' mattresses. I'm well acquainted with pee stink. Not on casts, but definitely around the house ;)... Just a thought.
Love ya!!

Jori said...

Mom guilt - don't we all have it!! I think grandma is getting a Wii for everyone for christmas so I am sure I will have much more guilt latter! :):)
Still praying for Sally.
love, jori