December 19, 2007

Life's Passing Me By

Thursday I had serious plans. They were so elaborate and extensive that I had a detailed play-by-play of where I should be throughout the day. First on the agenda was to enjoy “A Christmas Carol” at a local theatre. The theatre company had pared down the length of the original show so it would hold the attention of kids. They also pared down the price—which allowed the kids and I to attend (at $25 a pop I was NOT going, but for $5…). Dressed in our best, excited about the morning at the theatre, armed with list of activities to be done after the theatre; we left the house. Two minutes into our trip I experienced shooting pain from my neck down my left arm. Neck pain is unusual for me and in my inexperience I thought if I could just get to the theatre and sit still I would be fine by the end of the show. I was so mistaken! By the end of the show I could barely walk. The tiniest jostling of my arm or my head sent radiating pain through my left side. I sat in the Van, wondering how I would drive home. Tears seeped from my eyes just as much from pain as frustration, I had things to do!

Before you call me a wimp and tell me to take an Aleve and move on…I need to defend myself. The fact that I had tears escaping--big deal. When I was in labor with Eli, without meds, I leaked a few tears. I'm a crybaby about some things, but since I became a mom, not much coddling going on here. With that said, I hurt enough to admit defeat and call Seth in the Big City requesting that he take over as stay-at-home mom/teacher of the brood. When we got home I lay down and didn’t move until that night.

Other things were going on the other side of the world on Thursday. Several families from America World had court. Delays because of incomplete paperwork (on MOWA’s side) had resulted in these families waiting since October for this day. I wanted to spend the day in prayer for these families. Sadly, my best intentions were interrupted by life. In the wee hours of the morning I prayed for them, then I got busy with my schedule. I couldn’t bare my soul to God, because I was busy running amuck with my crew. How plans change! What an interesting way to find myself in prayer for the kids who wait and their families. There on the sofa I spent the day, initially agonizing over all I needed to do while unable to do anything. So I read and prayed.

The end of this story is bittersweet. That evening Seth got online to see the outcome of court. He taunted me by telling me how absolutely adorable the babies were. I’ve been looking forward to seeing pictures of these babies since October, but just couldn’t…get…off…the…sofa (though I tried). Here you can see pictures of the David’s baby girl, Sakari. The Carpenter family received an unfavorable ruling in court, which is quite devastating. They found out on Friday that it was simply a document not being completed by MOWA and will get another opportunity for court on December 28th. I’m already prepping myself to keep most of that day free!

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Carpenters said...


I hope that you are feeling better. Any idea what caused the pain? Thank you for thinking of us and praying for us despite the pain you were in. You're such a sweetheart. My heart yearns to know these little ones are ours and a successful court date would make my year. Thank you so much for your prayers. I hope to be able to share the pictures of our two cuties soon.

With love,