December 20, 2007

Homeschool Family

I got this link last week, but didn't get a chance to see it until a few days ago. I laughed quite hard (especially because they have a big white van). If you are a homeschooler then you will laugh at how ridiculous this is, if you aren't, then you will laugh at how ridiculous this is. Click on this link: Homeschool Family Video


the Steiger's said...

That is a good one. Where did you find it? I sometimes feel like people look at me funny for homescholling my kids. And we only have 3 kids !!!

Jen said...

A friend just sent that to me today. It's hilarious!

Seriously, I secretly fear one day we'll have that many kids! heheheh

E said...

I saw this video yesterday and it is SO funny! My reply to the sender was, "Please tell me they borrowed some of those kids!"


Carpenters said...

While we don't homeschool yet, I know many homeschooling families and this is so funny! Thank you for sharing. I'm off to forward it on to my friends. They'll like the laugh.


Susan said...

Oh, I'm dying! We're getting there! That is supposed to be a joke, but a lot of it is true! Hahaha!

Thanks for the laugh!