June 16, 2007

Time away

My kids and I just spent a week at the resort my parents call home. It lacks manicured lawns and room service (though my sister got sick during the week and received crackers and ginger ale in her bedroom), but makes up for that in wide open space. The muddy pond welcomes toe wiggling, fishing, and rock throwing--all favorites of my kids. I feel like the main objective of our stay at my parent's is to make sure my kids spend most of their time running amuck outside. Happy (exhausted) children make for a happy mommy who indulges in a visit to the hot tub after the kids have passed out. This is my (very poor) excuse for not posting. Well, that and the fact that nothing is going on in our adoption world right now.

I feel like it has been ages since our dossier arrived in Ethiopia! I am so ecstatic that I decided to add that annoying ticker to the top of our blog. It's a wonderful reminder of how sloooooowly time is paaaaasssssssing. Maybe the ticker is wrong, and it's supposed to be three months, instead of three weeks. Ugh.

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