April 21, 2014

Why isn't Jesus enough?

My sister posed this question over the phone last week.  Our conversation had been punctuated with to-do lists and Easter plans.  In an effort to make an incredible holiday memorable for our children, we were putting unneeded pressure on ourselves.  We finally agreed that our plans and purchases were attempts to battle what has become a worldly holiday.  As a parent, I often feel like I am in competition with an attractive, fun opponent--The World. 

During schooling, holidays, even a mundane Sunday, I feel as if I must make our decisions equally attractive.  Santa doesn't visit our house, but we give you amazing gifts.  No Easter Bunny?  That means more pressure on us parents to create incredible replacement Christian based traditions.  Every fall, I must make our lives seem so amazing, as to avoid the jealous tendencies that might pop up when the yellow bus makes it first trip down our road in August.  The constant competition with an undefeated rival taunts me.

This is when Danica asked, "Why isn't Jesus enough?"  Oh yes.  Why not? 

Must I add an Easter bonnet to the girls' wardrobe?  And a $25 ham followed by a chaotic hunt for colorful plastic eggs?  How does a candy filled egg compare to the Resurrection of Christ?  His sacrifice and triumphant resurrection are enough.  This Holy Day should be about Jesus Christ.  No bunnies nor plastic eggs needed.  Christ's love is enough for us...and our children.

But, how do we show them?  How do I make it okay that in our house it isn't about a basket of junk or a hunt for eggs.  It's a special time of celebration because we know our Savior lives.  Even when our neighbors and friends are cheering about the size of their chocolate bunny and the extra gifts they received this morning, will our children be confident in the choice we have made? 

I'm not sure they will, so I overspend at the Christian book store.  Seth and I chose something special for each of the children, something that won't disappear in an hour long sugar gorge.  Sadly, I'm angst filled as I throw a bag of pastel Hershey bars into my cart later that day.  Just in case.

Maybe next year I will let Jesus be enough.

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Becky said...

You know that made me get tears.