September 30, 2013

My Rotten Teeth

The saga with my teeth began when I was nine.  I vividly remember sitting in the dentist chair as they prepped the instruments for my first filling.  That huge, ugly, silver filling stayed with me for ages.  A crown now graces the cap of that molar.  An expensive crown.

My husband, on the other hand, got his first cavity in his thirties.  He started drinking tea with honey and had four little pinpricks of decay on his back molars.  He was devastated.

Welcome to my world.  Except I live in a more devastating world of decay.  My teeth are riddled with rot.  I brush twice a day and try to remember to floss every night.  I use mouthwash.  My last dentist remarked that it's just genetics.  With that, I resigned to living a life of high dental bills eventually ending with dentures.

Until recently.  My neighbor shared a blog post with me after I casually mentioned the bad news I received at my latest dental appointment (I need two fillings and a CROWN).  It's about healing your teeth.  Skeptical, but overly optimistic, I nearly shoved her to the ground in excitement.  I have a tendency to get physical when my enthusiasm bubbles over.  Seth flinches often when I'm excited. 

Before you disregard me, here's my caveat:  I have not researched this thoroughly.  I am merely a cavity ridden-dentist hating-phobic gal who would rather brush my teeth with clay and eat raw food than see the pointy side of another drill.  If you share the bad genetics that bless my teeth, perhaps you are mentally shoving me and yelling, "No Way! I've got to read about this!"  Here it is:
Healing Your Teeth


Becky said...

tee hee - is this anything like that mysterious toothpaste that keeps showing up at your house? BTW Aunt T says she has 25 lbs of Bentonite at her house. I guess a potter uses it for the real purpose not for teeth brushing. Actually, I am kind of curious about this. Have to ask Lora about it - she is the natural health nut.

Anonymous said...

No way am I giving up sugar... the drill is totally worth it to me! But thanks for the very interesting read. My dentist told me to gargle with ACT Restore. Since that doesn't involve deprivation of the WORST kind, I'm in. Love your post! :)

Agripina Warnick said...
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Agripina Warnick said...

Hi Apryl! Going to the dentist and having to undergo dental procedures may seem a bit tiring, if you have to do it every now and then. However, these are the best way for us to be able to know our status from an oral standpoint. :)

Agripina Warnick @

Silvia Ballard said...

I can feel you, Apryl! It can be a little frustrating to go and visit a dentist, especially when the “drilling” session keeps on playing at the back of your mind. However, I think there’s no reason for us to hate our dentist. They are the ones who know better about our dental needs.

Silvia Ballard

Pedro Cintas said...

I'm in the same boat. My teeth are in such bad shape, but it's not because I haven't done my part. My mom taught me to brush well every morning and night. I have kept up healthy habits to keep my teeth clean. Whenever I have a dentist appointment there is always something new that has appeared that needs to be fixed, though. It's so frustrating!