December 10, 2012

My Apologies

I am sorry.

Blogging has always been feast or famine for me.  Unfortunately, when I get home from Ethiopia, I usually begin a period of famine.  I feel guilty.  I blame it on the adjustment after being gone.  Secretly, I think it's my way of coping. 

I desperately want to share our ten days with everyone.  I want to show all 359 pictures and explain each one in detail.  I want to hold my woven baskets up and let you take in the smell of Ethiopia.  I want to show you hours of video and share each story that I heard from our translators.

"So, tell me about your trip!" you might say, with a smile showing genuine interest. 

I want to gush.  I want describe the time so eloquently that you feel as if you were with me.  Instead, I freeze.  My mind is speeding through the amazing trip, but my mouth won't open. 

You get a lame, "It was an amazing trip!"

I am sorry.  I think next year you should just come with us.


Karen said...

Apryl - I understand completely. It take so much to process what transpires during those 10 days and sometimes there are no words. For me - it's so hard to choose what to write about - there are too many experiences and so hard to narrow them down to write about just one - and again, for some things, there are no words. I agree - next year, they should all come with us!! love, Karen

Becky said...

I know just what you mean! Bible Study leader says to me "bring 5 pictures and you can speak for 5 minutes" WHAT??? And there are always those things that only we will understand "How was it"? tee hee Just had to be there. So blessed that we were able to share the experience with each other.

kellygriffiths said...

The only thing that could make a trip like that more wonderful would be making it with YOU. Be careful... you may just have a busload of friends with you next time. :)