August 30, 2012

Sandwich Party

Parents of picky eaters all across the country are struggling with the same problem.  What to pack for lunch?  Friends of ours were visiting for the week and we had talked about her issue.  How many pb&j sandwiches can you pack before you start to wonder about your child's health?

Honestly, my eldest son probably ate peanut butter every day for the first six years of his life.  He usually opts for leftovers these days.  I suppose 1800 peanut butter sandwiches might be enough to satiate even the most avid pb&j lover.  

I'm always happy to host an event that involves food.  She mentioned a 'sandwich party' and I jumped on the idea.  We spent about an hour making various sandwiches.  Some were pretty healthy and others, not so much.  In the end, we had ten different choices for the children to choose from.  Then, we upped the ante and offered a "Man vs. Food Challenge".  Try (remember, we are working with picky eaters) four different sandwiches and win a brownie.  The definition of "try" was loose.  We felt that even a nibble of dry crust would count, since the previously terrifying sandwich actually touched their lips.

Mostly courageous kids, a load of leftover sandwiches, and rediscovering a love for egg salad makes this event a success for me!

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