June 7, 2012

Waiting Children

I am a night owl when Seth is out of town. This week, in my solitude, I've pored over stories of waiting children.  I've been reading amazing stories of families who are adopting these children.  These late nights have been emotional roller coasters.

Right now, I should be watching a NINE hour seminar teaching me to teach children to be excellent writers.  It seems too early to be preparing for school next year when we haven't even finished this year.  I have the best intentions.  I find myself reading Daneille's post for today, instead of watching Andrew Pudewa.  I've been visiting her blog almost daily.  It's heart breaking to see so many sweet faces that are waiting.

My eyes blur after seeing so many faces.  I find myself thinking about them during the day.  Will someone come for them?  It's too overwhelming to let my thoughts linger for long.

It is easy to forget the waiting children.  It's easy to say that their numbers are too many.  The price is too high.  Caring for a child with special needs is beyond what I am able to do.

My Mom once said to me, "If it's easy then it probably isn't the right thing to do."

Easy is disregarding the plight of so many.  Easy is feigning ignorance.  Easy is thinking that YOU can't make a difference in the life of one of these children.

Easy is wrong.

You can make a difference!  The faces I've seen are little children, slowly losing hope of finding a family.  Your donation may make the difference in one family choosing to adopt that child.  Sharing their stories may change the heart of the family who looks again through the photo listing and sees the face of their child staring back at them.

I have to ask myself what do we do?  Once I step down from my soapbox, then I must get busy doing something.  I share the crushing thought of so many children and how can my family possibly make a difference?  I'm still praying about that, but for now I know:  there are many opportunities, beyond adoption, to help waiting children.

Share their stories--join a website like  Rainbowkids or Reece's Rainbow.

Donate!  Sometimes the financial aspect of international adoption is what keeps many families from considering it.  You can donate directly to a specific waiting child.  Daneille is hosting a June for Jack fundraiser, raising funds towards Jack's adoption as he waits for his family to come.  Visit her blog to find out the details and donate.  Both waiting child sites have opportunities to donate. 

Short term missions...sponsoring an older child for the summer...sponsoring orphans who are not adoptable through organizations like Hopechest...and, of course, adopting!

Please don't choose easy.


Becky said...

Oh Apryl - sometimes I wish we could just do "easy" and not know that we aren't doing enough. (was that a double or triple negative?) of course I'm watching Danielle's videos and having a good cry.

Greta said...

Apryl, I understand your urge to read and look. However, I also tend to not look and instead, do what I know I can accomplish. It would be very overwhelming and I guess I am doing the easy thing. Forgive me, Lord, but it is reality. Thanks for making me think and maybe look a little more closely.