January 8, 2012

Elijah is Nine

Every birthday a child celebrates brings the "I can't believe time is passing so quickly" thought. It seems like we were just rushing to the hospital. I waddled across the parking lot telling Seth to leave the bag (and camera) in the car since it would be a while before we needed them. By the time we made our way into a room I was certain that baby was about to make his appearance. He did, much to the surprise of the doctor, nurses, and us. He's been in a hurry about everything since the day he came.

We always celebrate as a family with a dinner chosen by the birthday child and cake. Later, we have a party--Eli has always (except for his first) shared a party with his cousin. This year the festivities took place at the professional baseball stadium turned snow festival. Cake, pizza, and gifts took place at our house. This was probably the easiest party ever and the cake I made was probably my most successful (also easy) cake making venture ever.

Happy Birthdays, boys!


Melissa Juvinall said...

We have a huge Ninjago fan in our house, and he would like me to make him that cake. I'd love the cake plans!

Apryl said...

Sorry it took me a few days to reply. I copied the cake idea from this site (didn't do the fondant, it would have been too expensive for me--I had some yellow fondant and used that for a base for the lego word, then used good wilton coloring to dye the butter cream icing I made). Her cake is SO much more beautiful than mine, but the ninjago kids don't really care, do they :)