December 23, 2010

It's been bouncing around for days

For the past month I've gotten this song stuck in my head. I am busy with something and before I know it, I'm humming. Then, before I stop myself, it bursts right out, "No mohr! Mohnkeys! Shumping on da behd!"

I blame the adorable children at Kechene. The beat of the song seems almost as if their teacher read the words and made up a tune. It's much more catchy than the version that I sang to my children. Now they sing this newer, jazzier version along with me. I apologize for the quality of the recording as my video camera froze up during the trip.

These children, singing with their amazing teacher have been waiting for sponsors for two long years. The program here never got off the ground, and, thankfully, Greta Byers has stepped in. She's working to find sponsors for the 55 children at this school. Karen and Greta were busy getting individual photos of the children for sponsorship packages during this impromptu concert. Fifty children in ratty turquoise sweaters sang their hearts out as we watched from the edge of the room. We sat with our mouths agape reveling in their fantastic show.
Our visit to Kechene came after a day visiting the Fistula Hospital. We weaved through small side streets until turning right onto what felt like an alley. The driveway ended at a tall blue fence, and sitting in front of the fence was a woman with woven baskets in different stages of completion lining both sides of the drive. She was coating them with dung as we got out.

This was just a quick visit for Greta to get the information she needed to start sponsorship. It was hard, to me, to make such a quick visit after we had been spending several days at the other care points. It was the end of the day and we barely made it before the children left. The engaging teachers are in love with the kids and their excitement is striking. It would be easy to be overwhelmed by all of the needs...
Right now, Greta has 20 children sponsored. Please consider sponsoring one of the children who have been waiting so long for someone to offer them hope!


Greta said...

Thanks so much, Apryl! I was wanting those videos for a presentation soon. Thank you so much for sharing!

Becky said...

Loved the videos - of course now I'm having a breakdown. Sweet kids.