October 12, 2010

School Uniform

I never thought we would become that homeschool family.

When Eli got up Monday morning and announced that he would be 'Wolverine' for...ever, I thought, "We are going to be that family."

I wondered how brave Eli would be in this Wolverine suit. It's one thing to wear it around the house and write "Wolverine" across the top of his math papers. It's a completely different ball game when it's time to step outside of our little world.

The boy proved himself a very courageous soul. He wears his school uniform to the doctor's office, flower shop, plate painting event...Yesterday, I had become so accustomed to seeing him in yellow and blue polyester that I forgot he was in his uniform until someone asked if he was a power ranger.

Today is our school picture day at our co-0p. I asked him this morning if he was going as Wolverine and he looked at me as if I had three eyes. "No, that would be too much. I really like wearing my jammies underneath and getting away with it."

And all along I thought it was a middle child trying to assert his independence and show himself different. He's just seven year old who wants to stay in his jammies all day.


I live IN Jesus said...

tTHAT IS AWESOME!!!! :) I love it....makes my house more normal!!! ;)

kristie said...

John Abraham wears his batman costume almost everyday. He gets hot in it though, so I end up taking it off, putting it back on, etc. He makes me sing the batman song every time I put it on him, then he goes in my room and looks at himself in the mirror. Those fake muscles on the chest must really be doing alot for his self esteem! I think its precious. Gotta love boys