July 1, 2010

On God and Panties

Sometimes Sally dips into Ella's drawers and borrows her clothes. Ella isn't much of a diva and doesn't mind. She would probably prefer wearing the same outfit day in and day out while allowing Sally to forage through all the rest of her wardrobe. Except in the case of panties. Sally has always snatched a pair here or there. It doesn't matter that I've labeled undergarments with "S" and "E". It doesn't matter that we've discussed panties not really being something you borrow from your sister. There is a difference between a t-shirt and a pair of panties.

, are we even having this discussion?

The girls and I put away their clothes before bath time and Sally's 'unders' drawer was busting full. As I finished tidying the girls took their things into the bathroom. I could hear the ensuing discussion, "Sal, you have lots of panties. You don't have to borrow mine. You know, God sees you all of the time."

A pause for effect.

"Sally, God knows about the panties."

Sally responds with absolute pity as if Ella is has no clue what she's saying, "Ellaaaaa, God does NOT wear panties." Deep sigh.