November 13, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new

Today, Sally donned "Yellow Jumbo" for the very last time. It's a huge relief to all of us that this day has come. Every morning I feel like we step back in time as I tighten her "corset".

This brace has been with us since last summer. She was on medication, newly home from Ethiopia, and much, much smaller. This day has been long overdue.

I wonder if her sillies will diminish now that oxygen can get to her brain.

Sally's new doctor wants her to wear this brace for another year. He was amazed at the 'fantastic work' and doesn't want her to get hurt on his watch. I'm more than happy to keep her safely strapped into the thing (obviously strapped around her torso, not her head).

Her biggest grievance? She wants to wear blue jeans.

1 comment:

Team Dragovich said...

So, she can't wear jeans with this brace? Risa would go crazy. Of course, she only likes jeans because mamma is a jean-freak-- she insists on being dressed as closely to me as possible. I think it's cute, when it's not hard :)

What a journey for Sally-- and all of you. God's grace is good :)

Love ya!!