May 10, 2009

Our House Selling Vacation

Every single vacation earns itself a title of infamy to us. There was the "Poopy Trip Home" vacation, the "Bought Moby" beach trip, and the "Freezing at the Beach then Jamestown trip". This last trip could be known as the trip that took forever to get home (but that would make it hard to distinguish from other trips). Or that vacation that Eli got bit by a swan, or better yet the trip on which we SOLD our house!

Well, sort of sold our house. We have moved from the house selling world into the waiting for closing world. It can't come too soon because I'm fearful that something may keep it from coming at all. With selling the house comes packing the house and of course, buying another house. We won't even start to think about that. The day we hand the keys over will be an answer to many prayers. We knew when we put our house on the market that we could sit here for a year. Or two years. If our house sells after being on the market just a few short months, it is truly due only to God's mercy on our family. I'll chase that with the statement that I'm willing to stay here for as long as the Lord desires, but life would be grand if my hubby lived and worked in the same city.

All of the excitement from an offer dulled as we were driving home and the 12 hour drive stretched into 18 hours. As we meandered through Tennessee the sinking realization hit--the GPS is not wrong. We have added an additional six hours to the drive. It's really an amazing feat. Not too many people could spend six hours in a gas station restroom. We did. We slogged through a Kentucky monsoon at a blazing 40 mph for days. Finally, we reached my parents house and collapsed. When we finally got home (an additional two hours on the road the next day--that would make total drive time 20 hours) I had spent enough time thinking about moving that it finally settled in. During our week away spring had arrived and our trees bloomed. That made the arrival home even more bittersweet. I'm praying we can leave by the end of the month, but we will miss this house, our friends, and our church.


E said...

That's fantastic news! Our house sold while Eben and I were visiting my family in was pretty cool to get that unexpected call from Kevin...and also to be able to coordinate the selling of the house with our next assignment. Anyway, congratulations and praise God!

We've gotta start naming our vacations like you guys. Oh...looks like we're going to Illinois instead of Dayton. Although we'll be living farther from you guys, looks like we can probably make it to the reunion.

We'll be packing and all that around the same time...may God be with us!


ethiHOPEia said...

Yeah! So glad this will be off your shoulders. I know what you mean about closing day...I kept holding my breath till closing was over, just waiting for something to go wrong!

Just so glad you will all be together as a family.


Team Dragovich said...

I've been wondering where you were with that! HOORAY!!!! Sorry your drive home was forever and a day :) It happens. Here is my best moving tip-- ziploc bags. All sizes. Even those big ones-- you know the ones you can put sleeping bags and stuff in. Think of all those drawers with random stuff-- even if it is well organized... it is still random small stuff. Put it in a ziploc bag. Our last move to NC I bought different sizes of the big bags and I loved having them. It kept like toys together, kept the packers from just throwing stuff in boxes that I didn't want them to just "throw" together and I still have all the bags and use them for lots of different things... Tony even used a couple of them to pack for deployment and brought them back in excellent condition.
So, there you go. That's my best advice :) Not so amazing, but oh well :)

Love ya! Shari

beBOLDjen said...

Yeah! I'm happy for you. I know how stressful you said it was keeping the house ready to show w/ all the kids.