July 31, 2012

Building with Bracelets

The thought of asking for money makes me feel...overwhelmed. I admire the courage of those who can successfully fund raise. During our adoptions, we plugged along scraping together payments and selling stuff hoping that the ends would meet. Nevertheless, I feel somewhat empowered to fund raise on behalf of those who are unable to hold their little palms out.

Karen wrote a wonderful post on her blog explaining what I tried to explain a few weeks ago. The children that live around a CarePoint need to get in--not just for the education (which will change their future), but for the daily needs that can be supplied. This is an excerpt, but you can read the post in its entirety at: family-from-afar

 There's an uncomfortable truth that settles in when we are in Ethiopia working with the kids at our CarePoints. Kids that have come to know and rely on a full tummy every day, water that won't make them sick, teachers and care-givers that love them and guide them, and medical care when they need it. They laugh and play with energy and abandon because they have hope for their future. The uncomfortable truth is revealed when you look around the edges of the CarePoint and see thin, dirty kids waiting and watching and wishing.

 A few months ago, when I caught wind of this project, I started making a list. It's still stuck to my fridge. A few measly ideas that might generate some money for the building project. One of them was to make bracelets to sell. I ordered loose magazine beads from an organization that connects women in Uganda (beadforlife.org) with the worldwide market. Then, I hosted a night for my senior high girls to have dinner and make jewelry.

We had a blast, spilling beads all over the place and exclaiming over the creations that we produced. At the end of the night, I bundled the bracelets up and they have just sat...and sat. I was waiting to figure out how to connect YOU with a bracelet or pair of earrings. Each time I see the brown satchel filled with jewelry, I have a pang in my heart. The donations might be just enough, when coupled with many other efforts, that make a way for 150 children to begin attending Kind Hearts in the fall.

 Finally, I have come to the conclusion that simplicity is beautiful. We will sell the bracelets for $10 and earrings for $5, which includes shipping. I cannot possibly post a picture of each piece of jewelry, therefore, yours will be a wonderful surprise! Make the payment to me via paypal, include any directions for mailing in the comments.
Magazine Bead Jewelry

They are all different and beautiful. The beads made by beautiful women in Uganda, the bracelets made by beautiful teenagers at my dining room table.


Nathan and Megan said...

Will they match if i buy one of each?

Apryl said...

We can make that happen ;)

The Davidsons said...

My bracelets came in the mail today. They are absolutely lovely! Very nicely made. They are a gift for a friend and I cannot wait to give them.

Thanks!! Robyn

Cindy Terry said...

Hi Apryl, Do you remember us?? Jim, Cindy, Matthew, and Nathan Terry. I just ordered some bracelets-so pick out some pretty ones! God bless you!!